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We are Kingdom Seekers

We are a worship team full of young adults (with a degree/pursuing a degree), who are passionately pursuing the Lord with their everything. We believe in the movement of the Holy Spirit and leading worship that is Spirit Filled and directly leads people into the throne room of the Lord. We believe worship is not a performance but simply about the Holy Spirit. Matthew 6:33 is our foundation scripture; click the button below to read more about our foundations and beliefs. 


Pastor Carissa
Pastor Carissa

Pastor/Evangelist Carissa Pierce

Founder/Manager, team lead/director, worship leader and pianist, songwriter, and speaker. 

Carissa has been honored to serve the Lord and worship Him with her everything for many years. She has been in music and worship since she was four years old and accepted Jesus as her savior when she was a child. The Lord made Himself real to Carissa at a kid's camp altar worship. Carissa encountered the Lord and was baptized with the Holy Spirit at just ten years old. From that very moment, she has been striving to have a close relationship with the Heavenly Father.


When she was 13 years old, God met her at an altar and told her what He wanted her to be; ever since, she has been pursing this call to become a worship evangelist and spread revival worship through America and, eventually the world. This vision God gave to her when she was 13 has been a journey of many ups and downs, but God has always led and guided her through it. Recently she just graduated from college and felt God tell her to move forward with this worship team and lead worship for others. Carissa looks up to her dad, Pastor Dewayne Pierce, who served as a credentialed minister through the assemblies of God for many years. Sadly, Carissa's Father passed away in November of 2021, but she desired to continue the call and heart for God that He had. God has made himself more real than anything to her, and through this journey, God has shown her new ways of intimate, close worship. Carissa looks forward to the many doors that ONLY God can open and is honored to be an obedient servant to the Lord. 


The University of 
Valley Forge in Phoenixville PA. 

Training Experiences:

Bachelors Degree in 

Ministry Leadership (Specializing in Worship)

Pastor/Evangelist Carissa graduated in the Fall of 2022 with a bachelor's degree in Ministry Leadership. This degree covers training in financing, managing, preaching, counseling, worship, youth/kids ministry, and any area of the church. 

Graduated End of Fall 2022

-2 1/2 years - CURRENTLY the Youth/Worship Pastor at Real Life Community Church, Middletown DE

-Licensed Minister through the Assemblies of God 

-Co Led Worship occasionally at Celebration Community Church - 1 year

-Served as worship leader for celebration community church youth group - 2 years

-Been on 3 traveling teams 

- Worship Training at 5 different churches (Lived in TX, PA, and DE)

-Voice/Piano Lessons for 10 years

-Voice/Piano Teacher for 3-4 years privately and at S Music Studio - Middletown DE

-1 1/2 years Manager/Director - S Music Studio

-Trained youth worship teams 

-Texas All-State Choir - 2 years

-Personally traveled and led worship in Mississippi, PA, and DE. -past few years

Worship team
Worship team

Co-Founders - Team members 


Cy Pierce 

 Co-Founder, Band director, K.S Music producer, and guitarist (Any instrument fill in)

Cy has a heart for worship and a heart for God like no other. He has been working with Pastor Carissa since they were kids, and he loves to flow in the spirit during worship and producing music. Cylan leads the band through a talkback mic, sensing where Pastor Carissa is going with the song. Cy plays electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, drums, piano, photography, and sound. He also produces music for Kingdom seekers, as they are currently working on a track! Cy is currently going to school at the University of Valley Forge for digital media arts. Kingdom Seekers is very blessed to have Cy a part of the team. 

Worship team

Xander Toner

Co-Founder, worship leader, and songwriter

Xander is a very talented individual whom God places a gift of music in him at a very young age. He enjoys performing in musicals and church plays, but nothing has been compared to Xander using his talents and passions for the King of Kings. This is why Xander chose from a young age to use his voice for Jesus through preaching and leading worship. Xander is currently studying Worship Leading at the University of Valley Forge and is looking to graduate in the year 2026. Kingdom Seekers is blessed to have Xander a part of worship leading songs, songwriting for the team, and managing. When Xander is not using his voice for God's kingdom, he enjoys lifting weights at the gym, as well as spending time with friends and family!


Kingdom Seekers Team Members


Pastor/Evangelist Carissa Pierce is honored to have a worship team full of spirit-filled young adults coming alongside and leading worship with her. If you need a team with multiple instrumentalist, this option can be requested. 

The Kingdom Seekers Worship team is a unified team with the same passion and vision, leading people into worship. Team members spend time praying and fasting and taking a few times a month to meet together and write music together. Each team member is pursuing a degree and has a heart for God! 

Currently, we have a talented small team who can lead worship, play piano/pad, drums, guitar, and bass. We believe that God can operate through even a small team, it says in

 Matthew 18:20. "For where two or three are gathered together in my name, I am there among them"


Interested in joining the team? Contact or fill out the form below with your information/Giftings/heart for worship.

Kingdom Seekers

Kingdom Seekers Team Handbook

All team members/founders must abide by this handbook and sign a contract in order to be on the team. We want to live above reproach and live for God in everything.

Worship team
Worship team
Worship team
worship team
Worship team

Kingdom Seekers Worship Team Application

CURRENTLY: We are looking for ONLY Musicians with giftings/training in the following: Piano, Drums, Bass, Guitar, cello, and photography giftings. 

Thanks for submitting!

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